suffix forming adjectives (celestial; dictatorial; trivial).
Etymology: from or after F -iel or L -ialis: cf. -AL

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\\ēəl, yəl, iəl, əl\ adjective suffix
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French -iel, -ial, from Latin -ialis, from -i- + -alis -al
: -al I


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var. of -al1: grallatorial.
[extracted from L loanwords in which -alis -AL1 is joined to stems ending in i; cf. FILIAL, IMPERIAL]

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suffix. a form of -al1 (Cf. ↑-al), as in adverbial, facial.

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suffix forming adjectives such as celestial, primordial
from French -iel or Latin -ialis

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(in adjectives) typical of


Derived Word: ↑-ially  
Word Origin:
[-ial -ially] from French -iel or Latin -ialis.

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-ial, suffix
repr. L. -iālis, -iāle, in adjs. formed from n. stems in -io-, -ia-, as cūriālis, tibiālis; extensively used in med.L., Fr., and Eng. to form derivative adjs. from L. adjs. in -is, -ius, as cælest-is, celest-i-al, terrestr-is, terrestr-i-al, dictātōr-i-us, dictator-i-al. See -al suffix1 I.

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